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It's run an' jump an' hop an' skip,
An' sheawt hooray, an' hip, hip, hip,
It's singin' songs an' eytin tripe,
An' suppin' pints at single swipe,
An' brass for th' wife to buy a hat,
An' th' childer brass for this an' that,
An' beauncin' gaily up an' deawn,
Yo' connut find a merrier teawn,
When Owdham's won.

Aw lost mi brass, awm crabbed an' croat,
Aw lifted th' cat eawt wi' mi boot,
Awr ne'er as mad i' o mi life,
Cleautin' th' kids an' cursin' th' wife,
Awm sure mi brains han left mi yed,
Ther's nowt to do but goh toh bed,
At six o'clocko' th' Setturdy neet,
They're o i' bed i' eawr street,
When Owdham's lost.